God's Love for All Mankind
A short article giving the main biblical arguments for the salvation of all men through Jesus Christ. I wrote this to show people that my hope for universal salvation is not in spite of the Bible, but firmly stands on the Bible.

Hosea: The Story of a Love That Would Not Die, by John W. Reed
A very moving first person account of the story of Hosea and Gomer, showing the great redeeming love of God. It brought me to tears the first time I read it, and it still leaves me a little weepy-eyed every time since. I want to thank Dr. Reed, a professor at Dallas Theological Seminary, for giving me permission to post this story.

Benjamin, by Bill Britton
An allegorical look at the life of Jacob's youngest son, who was named the Son of the Right Hand and typifies "the many-membered corporate end-time son."

Lessons from Nehemiah
The book of Nehemiah is about rebuilding the walls in your life to keep the enemy out. There are many lessons for those going through recovery from addiction.

Our Oneness with Jesus
Short inspirational listing of Scriptures.