The Writings of Hannah Whitall Smith

Hannah Whitall Smith (1832-1911) was born in Philadelphia to a prominent Quaker family. In 1857, she married Robert Pearsall Smith, a Philadelphia Quaker. She and Robert left the Quaker Meeting two years later due to the influence of Methodists. They later became speakers and teachers in the Holiness or Higher Life movement. Hannah's first book, The Christian's Secret to a Happy Life, published in 1875, has been read by millions of Christians worldwide. She also published Everyday Religion in 1893, The Unselfishness of God in 1903, and The God of All Comfort in 1906. Her books emphasize practical Christianity and the love and goodness of God. "She took her Bible promises literally, tested them, and found them true as tested steel." -- from the Spire edition of The Christian's Secret to a Happy Life. Robert and Hannah had seven children, but only three survived to adulthood. She also helped found the Women's Christian Temperance Union and was active in the Women's Suffrage movement.

Every-day Religion or The Common-sense Teaching of the Bible
This book consists of 19 practical lessons on leading a victorious Christian life. Topics include knowing you are saved, eating the right spiritual food, rejoicing in the Lord, sitting still, taking up the cross, overcoming temptation, seeing the will of God in all your troubles, and much more.

The God of All Comfort
This book discusses finding comfort in the Christian life. In the author's words, "Why, I asked myself, should the children of God lead such utterly uncomfortable religious lives when He has led us to believe that His yoke would be easy and His burden light? Why are we tormented with so many spiritual doubts, and such heavy spiritual anxieties? Why do we find it so hard to be sure that God really loves us, and why is it that we never seem able to believe long at a time in His kindness and His care? ... I believe I have found the answer to these questions, and I should like to state frankly that my object in writing this book is to try to bring into some troubled Christian lives around me a little real and genuine comfort."

The Unselfishness of God
This is Hannah's spiritual autobiography in which she discusses in detail her Quaker upbringing, her spiritual awakening at the age of 16, her search for God, her belief in universal restitution and how that was revealed to her, and her discovery of the way of victory over sin in this life. All modern publications of this book omit the chapters in which she tells of her belief in universal restitution. Many of them also omit several other chapters and edit her original writing in numerous places. This is a transcription from the first edition of the book published in 1903 by Fleming Revell. It contains Hannah's original material with no editions.

The Christian's Secret to a Happy Life
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