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The Unselfishness of God
and How I Discovered It

A Spiritual Autobiography

(Mrs. Pearsall Smith)

Fleming H. Revell Company


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1.     Introduction
2.     My Parents
3.     My Quaker Childhood
4.     Quakerism
5.     Quaker “Truth” and Quaker “Ministry”
6.     Quaker “Opportunities”
7.     Quaker Guidance
8.     Quaker “Queries”
9.     The “Sugar-Scoop” Bonnet
10.   The “Hat Testimony”
11.   “Plainness of Speech”
12.   Friends' “Testimonies” Against Fiction, Music, and Art
13.   Quaker Scruples
14.   The First Epoch in My Religious Life (The Awakening)
15.   My Search
16.   Eclipse of Faith
17.   A Renewed Search
18.   Second Epoch in My Religious Life (Restoration of Belief)
19.   The Assurance of Faith
20.   The Romance of the Religious Life
21.   Questionings
22.   The Third Epoch in My Religious Life (The Restitution of All Things)
23.   The Unselfishness of God
24.   Effect of My Views on My Public Work
25.   The Fourth Epoch in My Religious Life (The Life of Faith)
26.   The Way of Escape
27.   A Discovery, not an Attainment
28.   The Secret of a Happy Life
29.   The Life of Faith, Quaker Doctrine
30.   Holiness Camp Meetings
31.   The Lovely Will of God
32.   Old Age and Death

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